Friday, June 22, 2012

Midsummer at God's Halfacre

The endless days of Midsummer welcomed us to the Halfacre once again. At nearly 1.30 am just before the sun comes up it is still as light as the afternoon in the fall.

The first lunch: salad made of chicken, chick peas and veggies, no salad dressing so a lemon vinaigrette was perfect.
The birds planted a currant bush by the door and it flourishes

 Summer begins with mowing the lawn, then raking it and hoping for some rain so it doesn't dry too much. 
Soon there will be strawberries.

Sun + tea = Sun tea, like brewing gold
 Knitting fish on the terrace ;)
Hung some old pots on the wall.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ladybug, ladybug...

Inspired by exciting events to follow I crocheted a bunch of ladybug pins, and chose one to wear on my blazer tomorrow ; )

Survival breakfast

We arrived at the Half Acre at midnight. After a good night's sleep, preceded by sauna and soak in an outside hot tub watching the stars and moon, we woke to discover cupboards with only the basics. Instead of doing the easy thing (going shopping) the decision was made to make bread. No heat in the oven, no time wait for a yeast dough (I was HUNGRY!).

Mother Hubbard's cupboard. Crackers, flour, canned pineapple, beans, spices, sugar, tea
The solution: Stove-top biscuits: Didn't have buttermilk, shortening or baking soda. Milk powder was a lumpy mess. Substituted regular milk (we had 1 liter, but was saving it for drinking) baking powder and butter. Baked in a skillet. A bit too much salt, and should have made them a little thinner. Tasted like biscuits; ) Fast and easy. Beats crackers and sardines ; )
Biscuits cooking in skillet

Cut open, ready to eat!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enjoying the almost sunny nights

 These pictures were taken a little after midnight. It doesn't really get dark at night. Cool cloud formations.
The moon

 Reflections in a ditch
 But we like to light candles all the same.

Laundry Day at the Half Acre

 On a warm day we like to do laundry. The hot water comes from a water pot, that has seen its better days.

 The Hoover does a great job with the laundry, but requires attention every 4 minutes.
 Laundry-Matt hard at work!

I even found a bikini... it really was a warm and humid day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bat-boy is back

Well, here we are back at the Half Acre, this time for a couple of weeks.
The weather is great, warm and mostly sunny. The garden provides red onions, peas and lettuce. A few herbs have grown but they are small. Something is attacking the lettuce ; )
Our bat friend returned tonight. He flew circles around the house for quite some time. He seems to be living in the barn. Glad to see he survived the winter !
Pictures tomorrow!